The Nature Conservancy - Elk River Streambank Stabilization Map

An interactive map of the Nature Conservancy's streambank stabilization site on the Elk River in Southwest Missouri may be accessed by clicking the following map image or hyperlink.   The interactive map contains layers of high-resolution data derived from drone aerial photography of the site.   The map interface also includes a link to a 3D display of site.   The map will open in a new tab.

Interactive Map Features

The interactive map includes:

1)  USDA National Agricultural Imagery Program (NAIP) photography showing the project area in the vicinity of Noel, MO.
2)  A color digital elevation model (DEM) image derived from drone photogrammetry with a horizontal resolution of 11 cm.
3)  An aerial orthophoto derived from drone photogrammetry with a pixel resolution of 2.8 cm.
4)  Vector topographic contours generated from the drone based DEM at one foot intervals.
5)  Elevation labels for the topographic contours which may be turned on as a separate layer.

A cell phone version of the map for screen widths less that 500px may be accessed through the same link or the image below.  

For instructions on using the interactive map, see the map help page: Elk River Streambank Stabilization Map Help Page.

3D Interactive Model

A 3D interactive model of the site may be accessed through the map interface by pressing the 3D Model button on the layer list.  It may be viewed here through the window below.

The 3D model viewer requires a WebGL capable computer with a good graphics card.  It works best on Windows 10.  It will also work on cell phones with high graphics capabilities.

Press the arrow button on the image to load the model.  A coarse model image will initially load and then a blue progress bar at the top of the window will show the full model loading.  The display can be sent to full-screen mode by pressing the arrows symbol in the bottom right corner after the model loads.  See the tips below the image below on how to manipulate the model.

Interactive Viewing Controls
Use the left mouse button to change the viewing angle.
Use the right mouse button to shift the image position
Use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out.

The 3D interactive model may also be accessed directly with the following SketchFab link.

The Elk River Streambank Stabilization Site 3D Model

For information on the development of orthophotos and 3D surface models from drone aerial photography, see the aerial mapping link on the menu above or use this link:  I-Maps Photogrammetry Page.

Contact Mark Phillips at 417-866-6400 for more information about I-Map Data Systems.